First Post :)

Iswar : So how do we start

Anushka : Hello everyone

Iswar : No that’s boring

Anushka : So how do we start

Iswar : You tell, ok, dear or dearly

Anushka : and that’s not boring ah

Iswar : Sigh

Anushka : eh chi we are not writing script

Ha ha ha ha ha. We are never going to get this done.

Fine let’s just say it.

Dear dearly hello everyone

Long story short. Come February the 28th I, Anushka Meenakshi, and I, Iswar Srikumar, (oh god this sounds like marriage vows, oh god, never mind keep writing) (should we start again?) never mind just write damnit

Ha ha ha ha ha ha (teary). Nobody will read this. And nobody will give us money.

Oh yeah money.

So yeah, basically the two of us are off travelling for six months around India. We don’t know where all. Yet. We hope to figure it out as we go along. Basically we were (basically again?) grr. However we… no no no.

Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh no what have we gotten into.

So yeah. We are off.

And very quickly we are going to make film. As in not very quickly we are making film. We are making over six months. But very quickly say we are making film.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nobody will understand what you are saying. I’ll whack you.

Oh shit sorry, sorry.

Hey you are not saying that don’t lie.


We are planning to travel around India over the next six months and make a film. We plan to write about it, blog about it, take photos, make film, generally be lazing around every now and then, go to every place that we have been excited about or places that sound exciting, and pretty much have loads of fun and shoot it too.

As of now our rough estimate shows we would need about 3 lakhs to make this trip happen. We have about 1 between the two of us.

Ok stop, we have to say something about the film, we can’t ask money for the film and not say anything. Will you stop typing everything I say.  Hrmph. I am not going to say anything anymore.


Ha ha ha ha haha ha

Grr ok I’m taking over.

So there are many things that both of us are excited about that we want to look for during this journey. Performers, musicians, artists, great food in kutti places, more music, more food, stories, people, you get the idea.



We can easily take a loan and go ahead with this trip, but that’s not very interesting for us. What we want to do is involve all of you in this, and have all of you participate, with ideas, suggestions of who we can meet, what we can eat, places you’ve always wanted to go but never have (or have) – tell us about the India that excites you.

Oh and also give us lots of money.

Pretty Please.

Like seriously 🙂

So to help you help us we’re setting up some ways in which you can give us money. Anything that you can afford – from 50 bucks to 50,000. Anything more than that and you get a special hug from us.

Special hugga? Sounds weird. Remove that.

It sounds really sidey no?

Oh shit we haven’t written anything about house hunting or using deposit money.

So say it no.

So we were house hunting. Nobody wanted to give us a house. We were asked to pretend to be husband-wife, brother-sister, colleagues, vegetarians, Brahmins. We were yelled at by one landlord for making him show us his house. We were advised strongly to maintain the Tamil ‘kalacharam’. At one point we got irritated and decided to use our deposit money (which happens to be the only money that we have), to set off on this trip that we’ve always wanted to do.

But it’s not a holiday.

We are making this film. We already own an HDV camera, and we have a sponsor for the tapes!

Also, please feel free to forward this to anyone you know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Please check my blog! We’ll stay connected and be putting up regular updates from wherever we are.


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