Money stuffs

So, you’re asking, what on earth do you guys need all this money for??

Here it is:

Stay (500 per day) + Food (500 per day) for 180 days = 180000

Travel (trains, buses, cabs, autos, hitch-hiking etc.) 15,000 per month X 6 months = 90000

Tapes (One 1-hour tape per day) 100 per tape x 30 tapes x 6  =    18000

Duracell Batteries for audio recorder 600 per month x 6 = 3600

Phone bill 2500 per month x 6 = 15000

Internet (Wireless USB type thingy) 3000 per month x 6 = 18000

Stationary/ maps/ notebook / guide books = 1500

Soapu-seepu-shampoo –first aid – medicine = 2000

TOTAL                                                      328100

Aside from this, we want to beg/ borrow / steal/ buy – a Digital SLR Camera with 18-200 lens, extra battery, UV filter. We’re looking at the Nikon D-3100 with a Sigma 70-300 lens – this also shoots HD video, which gives us the option of having a two camera set-up, and shooting in low light conditions. This will cost about 50,000 to buy brand new, so we’re figuring out how to do this.

Ways of getting the money to us:

You can send us a cheque by post (email us for the address)


You could do a direct transfer into our bank account (email us for account details)


You can go to and make an online payment. You can use any major credit card or debit card and it’s perfectly secure, but we lose about 4% in paying their fees, so it’s not our favourite option.


Just give us the cash in hand when you see us. This is our favourite one.

Other ways you can help:

If you have a DSLR or any accessories for it that you want to give us, that would be simply super.

You can really help us keep our costs down by following our travel and putting us in touch with people we can stay with along the way, and pointing us in the direction of exciting places to visit.

Give us a job and pay us for it – tell us if you want a particular place or person photographed or written about. Or something special bought and couriered to you from some place we’re going to.

Put us in touch with people who want to advertise on our blog.


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