The GT not so express to Delhi

Err... Warangal 🙂 Where we stood for 12 hours

Putting up a few photos from our train journey from Chennai to delhi. It was delayed by 15 hours as we were stationed in Warangal for 12 hours due to the telangana strike. The lovely thing was our compartment was half empty, and we had an army train parked next to us. One of the most peaceful long stops. Thank god it was at a station. Every now and then there would be some Jai telangana chants. Around 3 pm they walked to all the windows and handed all the passengers free bananas =)

The army train that was parked next to ours at Warangal. We thought it was for our protection... but apparently not. They were as stuck as we were.

Pantry car on the Madras-Delhi GT, one of the liveliest ever

But the highlight of the train journey was clearly the pantry car guys. When we got to the station in Chennai we heard singing. We walked up to where the sounds were coming from and saw the entire pantry car staff gathered in one corner of the bogie and doing an aarti. Apparently this bunch always sings together before they begin any journey. Really one of the most friendly lot i have ever come across. Constantly smiling. They would laugh together fight together, every now and then one by one they would just come and sit with us and chat and then carry on with their work.


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