And we’re off…

Its been two weeks since we put up our last post.

Minutes after sending out the email and link to blog we started getting calls and messages. Lots and lots of wishes and offers and suggestions and donations have been pouring in. Besides replying to as many people as we could, the last two weeks have been used to generally wrap up things temporarily in Chennai and getting geared to head out.

Anushka has been busy finishing two films, one for a workshop organised by the crafts council for puppeteers and another one was shooting a play for theatre Y. She has surprisingly managed to finish both films in record time and also had time to look into all net related work and pack.

I on the other hand have only moved out of my house in Chennai. I had never fully unpacked four months ago so all i had to do was to just physically move all the stuff to safe houses.

We are in Delhi now staying at a close friends place in Patparganj. From the look of things we are going to be here till the eighth. we need to wait here till then to pick up a camera. But thats good as it gives us some time to actually plan out the next month and to finish all other pending shopping and getting properly geared clothing and tech wise. This might also give me some time to help subside the overall panic levels that i have been experiencing. Its really exciting but its so big that its actually quite scary. Everytime one question gets answered another ten come up. But then i keep telling myself to breathe and take it easy. Its working so far =)

As of now we have till the 28th of march to travel. On the 31st we need to be in Calicut for a performance of a play that both of us are a part of. Ms Meena =) so those in Calicut please do come =)

We are thinking of starting the first run in Rajasthan. It may get too hot later, and this is Holi time so rajasthan is supposed to be quite festive. We also got a good sign, as one of the people in our compartment on the train to delhi was a TT from tanjavur, who hails from a small village two hours outside of jaipur. He has also given us his address and asked us to come and stay there. So that might just be how we begin our journey.

well thats about it for now. Will post more as and when things are little more figured out.

Lots of love as always


P.s we are now the proud owners of an India Road map. And more importantly we now have beautifully illustrated maps by crafts council for MP, UP, Jharkhand, Bihar and Chattisgarh. They didn’t have Rajasthan =(


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