Jodhpur – 11/3


The old city is a maze of narrow winding lanes, and we quickly learned that what’s ‘seedha das minute’ for someone local, takes us two or three hours, what with getting lost, taking photos, and maybe just being slow walkers.

At one photo taking halt, Iswar spotted a name board of a shop that said ‘Babu Superman Paan Bhandar’ and was just pointing it out to me, when a man comes around the corner and says ‘Superman se milna hai?’ You can’t really say no to an offer like that. Turned out ‘Babu Superman’ is an 80-something old-time wrestler, who now runs a chai dukaan to keep himself busy. He told us that he once shook hands with Dara Singh.

The wonderfully warm and twinkly-eyed paati of the Ojha family. She stopped us on our way up to the Meherangarh fort and asked us if we wanted water. We ended up getting introduced to her extended family who, as it turns out, were involved in the construction of the Ravana temple here in Jodhpur that we’ve been told is worth a visit. The painting on the walls are apparently of banana trees, and were done during the last wedding in the family.

Ojha paati’s daughter and granddaughters below; they took us on a walk around their neighbourhood…


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