Just a quick update and recap of what we’ve been up to :)

We started off from Delhi on the 10th of March and went to Jodhpur, Phalodi, Khinchan and Jaisalmer, spanning 12 days, and then we headed to Delhi. We’d bought a new camera – a Nikon D3100 – just before heading off and we may get another DSLR through a friend who is arranging for us to use a demo piece for 6 months. Shooting video on the DSLR is really exciting, as the way it catches light and shades and the depth it gives you is dramatically different from the HDV cameras we’re used to using. This is the first time we’re using the DSLR. We have shot extensively over the last 12 days and in Delhi we took a look at the footage, took stock of what we had and started to cut a short trailer with what we had.

From there we headed off to Calicut, Kerala, where both of us were part of a show of Ms. Meena, and now we’re back in Madras for a couple of days.

So the last month has basically been a reccee for us, we’re using it to gauge whether we’re carrying the right equipment, clothes, food etc., whether our budgeting has been correct, and also to get a sense of the time we need to spend at each place that we find exciting.

We’re headed now to Kollengode (also in kerala) for a few days, for some personal work, and then off to do our Himalayan stretch of travel. Any suggestions of where to head in the Himalayas is very welcome!

Will leave you with two stories of motorcycle journeys that are an inspiration and also quite humbling.

This one is from the distant past….


And this is happening right now…


Do check them both out.


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