Photo for the day


i was initially going to put up another photo, but then todays toi crest edition carried an article relating to this photo so decided to post this instead. this photo was taken in shillong at the archery. around forty archers sit in an arc and shoot at a tightly wrapped bundle of hay from a distance of about 20 mts. after about three minutes this man staring at his watch yells out for people to stop. they then have a ceremony of counting all the arrows that are in the target. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest forms of gambling i have encountered. shillong and other spaces in meghalaya are filled with counters that take bets. you have to predict the last two numbers. so if 421 arrows found the mark in those 3 minutes then all people who bet 21 go home happy. all others go back and focus harder on their dreams to help them with tomorrows bets.
this happens twice a day.
the first day we got here i guessed 352. and believe it or not i was spot on. but i hadnt bet any money. so the next day i bet thirty bucks. hmmmm heheh. did i mention i got the 352 right?


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