Photo of the day

Photo for the Day: while searching for musicians in Manipur we came across Reuben Mashangva who sings his own genre of music, Naga Folk Blues. originally from the Ukhrul district, reuben started out singing thangkul folk but found himself getting inspired by Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. the influences of which are evident in his work. while filming with him he insisted that we meet some of the ‘Old Guys’. the older generation of folk musicians who he spends most of his free time with, for learning and researching. this photo was taken in yongpokpi in Manipur. about three quarters of an hour from Imphal, and has Reuben and Shampang pondering over some mathematical issues concerning the construction of the fiddle they are holding. shampang and his wife sang one of the most haunting harmonies we have ever heard. interestingly reuben started speaking english late in his life. so in order to practice his language skills he would sing out the headlines from the days english newspaper, set to blues. =)Image


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