Photo of the Day


Photo of the day: the locals claim that their holi is the second best in the country. the best being in mathura. jaisalmer has what people call a living fort. one of the few forts in the world that people still live in.
there are about five thousand people plus tourists.
earlier when there was a king, he used to preside over the festivities. nowadays one person volunteers to be the king or raja. every single man in the community has to be raja atleast once in his life, after he gets married.this raja comes like a dulha and watches everyone play holi while people come and thank him and take his blessings. later in the evening there is a party which is funded by our raja. this is only for the locals.
there is a govt authorised Bhang shop. you get the usual Thandai, bhang cookies and chocolates throughout the year. only on holi you also get bhang ice cream.
this photo was taken in the public square half way into the celebrations. right through the day this group of men sat and sang what sounded to us like the same song on loop. try and spot the tabla =).


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