Photo of the day

Photo of the day: now i am not really a salad person. but i love fruit sculptures. and black coffee. at one point i used to feel terrible about eating up these wonderfully and painstakingly carved vegetables and fruit. but once i started i realised that they taste really yummy because i ‘deconstruct’ it bit by bit and really savour it. this photo was taken in a restaurant called Carpe diem in Mcleodganj. the food is more on the pricy side but is quite good. but what makes the space is the people working there and their relationship with the people who frequent it. every single table has glass on it and slid in between the glass and the wooden table are photos, doodles, love notes, poems, visiting cards, quotes, etc from other travellers. you can sit for hours and go through this collage and also add some of your own. each table has its own personality and a wonderful sense of history and travel. we even managed to find a photo of a friend, Parvez Imam, who had insisted that we go here.


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