Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day: for a whole month of our travels we were joined by three other friends from madras. you can see tarun and rashmi who are in the far distance and rakesh who was probably staring at a spider at the time. this photo was taken in Nongriat village in Meghalaya. its about an hours drive and a two hour trek from Cherrapunjee. we got lost and ended up wandering through the jungle for 6 hours. what you see in the photo is called a living root bridge. the hanging roots of the banyan tree from either side of a gorge or river are pulled and tied together. after about 20 odd years these roots fuse and become thick enough to take a fairly decent amount of weight. the locals make and look after these living root bridges. we saw atleast 5 of these and an impressive double decker living root bridge which is made above a pool of water and a waterfall. we were too busy swimming and drinking beer there and took no photos =) but we did a small video which might find its way into our film.


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