Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day: bordering Bengal and as the train moves into Assam you start seeing an endless ocean of Paddy fields. there is a small stream that surrounds these fields in which people put up nets like these to fish. this photo was taken just outside of Imphal in Manipur. this structure is lying on its back now. its flipped over and into the water with the help of another long bamboo pole. you come across varieties of these in size and design. its quite normal to see hundreds of these lined up along a longish road. they have other traps which look like weaver bird nests that are buried in the water. these have a valve made of bamboo itself. the fish or crab come into it and cant get out. visually these landscapes are an interesting combination of fish and rice, just not yet plated =). from fishing poles to nets to traps to using a 5 kv generator to shock the fish and walk in and pick it up, some of the most ingenious and visually stunning methods of fishing can be found all around the north east.


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