Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day: when we got to mcleodganj we wanted to take a day or two off before we started looking for interesting stories. then we saw a poster saying there was a butoh performance on the next day. so we decided to go check it out. mcleodganj has a school called the subbody butoh school run by Rhizome Lee. they perform every friday at their amphitheatre. we were stunned by some of the visuals and the overall performance. it was even more incredible because these students had been in the school for barely six weeks. this photo was taken in a public lookout point in the main city and shows Honza Svasek and Seive. Honza is a visual artist who took to butoh quite late in his life. he believes that the form must be taken to people especially to those who dont have a clue about it. Seive used to work in a restaurant in paris before she decided to come to india to learn. coming to india and learning butoh were priorities but it was rhizome lee as a teacher who actually drew them here. * this photo is the right side up, they are bending backwards*


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