Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day: chillies from the rest of india are like ras malai compared to these ego crunchers. meet the raja. also known as the naga chilly or bhut jholakia. a sliver of it is enough to give an ample amount of hotness to a plate of rice. as a plant its really fussy, likes water once a day, and even an excessive breeze or slight drizzle will kill it. this photo was taken in senzawl in mizoram.
there was once an orphan naga boy. the entire village loved him and took turns to look after him and make sure he was comfortable. but the boy hated to be a burden on everyone. one day it was raining and sitting in his hut alone the boy started crying thinking of all the love he had received from people. he wanted to pay them back and do something for all of them. but he was just a small boy, what could he do that was of any significance. he prayed to the god’s. at that moment a lightning struck the hut.
the next morning the villagers came looking for the boy and found a charred hut. they moved the half burnt sticks, and in the middle found a small plant with a red fruit. they looked after it the way they did the boy. even now they share the fruit and shed a tear for the boy who gifted them the fruit.
a terribly paraphrased version of one of the folk tales surrounding the chilly.


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