Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day: walking through the streets of jodhpur we came across a signboard that we were tickled by. a man walked up to us and said would you like to meet superman. we thought he was kidding, and he says well superman is just around the corner. meet babu superman. an 80 something retired champion wrestler who now runs a tea shop. even now he works out and can put a teenager to shame when it comes to push ups. he spoke for hours about the good ol days of wrestling and of the number of akhadas that were under the patronage of the king. pre independence was a great time to be alive for a wrestler. he doesnt like to sit idle so he runs a tea shop. it also helps him to make enough money for eggs and a few litres of milk to keep him in shape. what he lacked for in height and girth he made up for with speed and cunning. an akhada was a space where people came together regardless of religion or economic background. one of his fondest moments is having shook hands with Dara singh.


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