Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day: the landscape, history, lakes and forts add a lot of richness to a space. but its the people who create, maintain and inhabit these spaces that gives it life. meet one such man who takes up more space in our memory than the stunning landscapes of Spiti valley. meet Tulku ji. this photo was taken at his apple and mal (the white trees in the background that are used as beams in construction) orchard.
tulku ji is one of the last surviving exponents of the kokpo and piang, musical instruments that are indigenous to the spiti valley. in the winter months the valley gets covered in several feet of snow and thats when this man heads out from village to village to teach and share the music.
his sense of style and mannerisms can best be compared to dev anand =). he has an infectious smile, a booming laugh, clouds in his eyes and a smoky voice. he loves the camera almost as much as the camera loves him. he loves to pose, as he is doing in this photo =) he has acted in a song sequence of a jeetendra film, boond jo ban gaye moti, when he was in school. he had just managed to procure the video cassette of the film a month or so before we met him. he wanted it to prove to his family that he did infact act in a film. here is the link for the song that takes up a lot of space in this musicians mind.


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