Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day:
Here’s a confession. we were petrified when this journey began.sure it was exciting but we were also extremely nervous. our journey began with taking the GT Express from Chennai to Delhi. we board the train at night, and chat for a while and then head off to sleep. in the morning we hear some screaming, we wake up to find everyone in the compartment freaking out and shutting all the windows and there is some large group yelling outside the train. as the windows are being shut, we see an army train parked near us and many armed personnell walking around with guns and ‘Jai Telangana’ screams in the background. all this barely ten hours into our travel.
Once we were done having our multiple heart attacks we managed to ask around.
the protesters were shouting slogans and were also making biriyani on the railway tracks and thus blocking all the trains. the army train was not “called in” as imagined earlier, they were stuck just like us. the protesters apologised for the inconvenience caused to us and fed us bananas. This photo was taken from our train window once we began breathing normally.


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