Photo of the Day

Once we finished working on the first film from our travels, the way we filmed, and explained what we were doing, changed. One thing is we were getting a better idea of what we were looking for. But more importantly we had something to show, which is so much better than having to explain. This way we get to see how different audience’s react and what excites them. A wonderful thing that has come out of this is that people started suggesting what we could film and where.
One such suggestion brought us to Phek village in Nagaland. This photo was taken during a screening with a group of farmers we filmed with. After a full day of harvesting paddy, they meet up in the evening for some rice beer and a feast prepared by whoevers land they worked on that day. The sound of music, laughter and flirtation is infectious. Every now and then one person would get up and scream at the top of their voice. They say it makes those who are already fast asleep feel safe.


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