Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day:
Meet Chewbacca. Undoubtedly the coolest cat around. this photo was taken in dhangkar, which at one time was the capital of the Spiti valley. There are barely 50-100 houses perched high up on a bare and dry mountain. Each family has a few dozen goats , donkeys, yaks, cows, a mix breed between yak and cow that we call yakow, and horses. Everyday two people from the village take all the goats from every single house far out into the mountains for grazing. Two other people take all the other animals out in a different direction. At around six in the evening you can hear a faint sound, almost like an echo, which grows louder and louder. Small black and white specks and spots grow bigger and bigger against a sepia landscape. Within minutes the valley is surrounded by loud braying, bleating, oohing aahing heehawing and every other imaginable sound. Its Himalayan peak hour traffic. In this wonderfully extempore dance there are no humans about. All the animals return to their respective houses. Within half an hour the sun has set and only the breeze makes a sound to the faint smell of dung.


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