Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day:
Andro is a small village, a living museum as some call it, barely an hour’s drive outside of Imphal in Manipur. It’s a space where they have preserved some of the older style houses and crafts, not just by putting it up behind a board on display, but by actually living there and interacting with it on a daily basis. This photo was taken after a lovely lunch and a few rice beers. The ladies featured do pottery in their traditional method of gently tapping the clay into shape with small river stones and a block of wood. Besides the ones that can be seen in the background they also do bigger pieces. This was the first time we saw a large pot being made without a potter’s wheel. Once the pieces dry, they are all stacked together and surrounded with hay and paddy husk and then lit on fire, thus baking it. The sound of the stones on wet clay, the gentle tapping of moist wood, the crackling fire and loud laughter, all of which created a unique language thus making the fact that we didn’t speak the same language irrelevant.


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