Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day
we were quite excited about getting to the valley of flowers. surprisingly neither of us are big flower freaks, but just the name and the idea behind an entire valley filled with flowers was too exciting to ignore. we first got to govind ghat, from where a steep 14km trek begins. the 14 kms are filled with horses, mules, palanquins and a stream of sikh pilgrims as its also the route to Hemkunt Sahib. The constant sound of Wahe guru and the glucose being offered by all the returning pilgrims were our constant companions. at the end of the trek we reach Gangria and do a night halt. from here the route splits, 4 km to the valley and 6 to the Gurudwara.
we were a little worried about having missed the season. walking through the valley we saw a lot of flowers no doubt, but not the kind of scale we had imagined. it was a bright and sunny day, and after wandering around for a few hours we decided to head back. apparently the day we got there was the first day of sunshine in months. the flowers had blossomed in the few hours that we were there. almost in protest, the clouds suddenly came streaming in and formed a soft white padding on the entire valley.


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