Photo of the Day

so we wake up earrrlllyy and steel ourselves and abandon the warmth of our beds to walk out into the cold cold darkness of the early morning, with the promise of a story and the colours, shapes, smells and warmth of a bakery. those who know of us will be thinking ‘yeah right, as though you would wake up at 4 am and head out in the cold’. and all of those who thought that would be right. we loved the idea of doing it but the cold, oh, the cold.

this photo was taken in McLeod Ganj, well into the day when the air is much warmer. these two brothers, whose names we didnt write down, own and run a bakery. the one on the left is the baker, and the one on the right, is an artist who manages the shop. long ago, business was luke warm. in order to keep himself occupied, the artist manager started doing illustrations for each of the items they sell. within days he realised that people are being drawn to the shop (no pun intended), more for these drawings than the breads. what started as a stop gap arrangement between two brothers – one who was not making a living off painting and the other who had a bakery that wasn’t doing great business – has now turned into a lucrative partnership, and the bakery has become a hot spot for discussions on art and pastry.


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