Photo of the Day

Meet a shutter from Shillong, or Shillong Shutter as we call it. its bound to have inspired a few rock songs. the streets are lined with shop doors and shutters all of which become a giant canvas for the collaborative application of lime with a strong impressionistic style. these large bands of white, made up of smaller bands of white, line the city.
if you haven’t already guessed, once someone has finished applying the chuna to their pan, they wipe their finger on the closest available door. you can actually walk around and based on the varying density of white, locate the closest pan shop.we are used to the red gutkha stains pretty much all around the north of india and are constantly grossed out by it. however these white stains do not elicit such a reaction. possibly because of the fact that its not spat out.


One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. its caught my interest right bang on! pretty intrigued by this story and the picture! 🙂

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