Photo of the Day

we can’t possibly begin to describe the generosity of the tetseo family. within minutes of having met them, quite randomly, we got invited to a wedding in the family, and even got to film the preparations and the actual wedding. between taking care of all the arrangements and looking after over 2000 people at the wedding, they all took turns to check up on us. we were invited to live in their house post the wedding in a beautiful barsaati with our own kitchen. just the kind of house we couldn’t find in madras.

meet the Tetseo Sisters . four sisters who play a very important role in reviving and sharing the wonderful and incredibly complex naga folk form of ‘Li’. the name of our film, u-ra-mi-li (the song of our people), was suggested by mercy tetseo.

this photo was taken while mercy, kuku, and lulu were getting ready for a performance later in the evening. the fourth sister azi is the one who had just gotten married.

to find out more about their music, treat yourself to this week’s friday release…


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