Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day:

When we found out that a few of our friends wanted to travel around the North East, we decided to move our plans around so as to coincide our journeys. Meet Rakesh Khanna. 1/6th american, 1/6th indian, 1/6th musician, 1/6th publisher, 1/6th mathematician, 1/6th language sponge and a full time insect magnet.

the first time we met him, some 7 years back, he played the flute with a beer bottle. the notes kept getting lower as he would keep tuning it by drinking some more. he has a flair for percussion and the macabre. not necessarily in that order.

this photo was taken in the village of Nongriat in Meghalaya out side the community run guest house. and yes that is a praying mantis on his head.the monitor lizard had jumped off by the time we got the camera, along with the 3 babblers, 17 cicadas and the mariachi band.

for our blog on nongriat check out


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