Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day
Oh how wonderful and apt it would have been had this photo been taken in Meghalaya. But sadly stories dont always go the way you want them to.

Mizoram has some of the most stunning cloud patterns that we have ever come across. Coming up the winding hilly roads into Aizawl from Silchar we could see clouds of various shapes, ball room dancing in an otherwise clear moon lit sky. Smaller clouds would shimmy and shine and dance circles around the larger ones. Far in the distance we could see a large dark obese cloud moving in to take over the dance floor. Streaks of lightning would bounce about its insides and show off its size to the rest of the clouds. The lightning would begin and end inside the cloud and highlight and accentuate its curves. The other clouds either bolted or joined in to add to the mass. It seemed like a political party out on a recruitment drive and a public show of strength. At the end quite like the party, it went on by without sharing even a drop of water.

Every day there was new story up in the skies, and every day it would begin the same way. This photo is of one of those ‘once upon a time’ moments. Every morning and evening the clouds would take over the valleys and rise up into the skies, tickling us ever so little as they passed on by.


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