Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

this photo shows the following

big backpack 2nos, one has been abandoned since
small backpack 1 nos
jholna 1 nos
water bottle 1 nos
camera bags with camera 2 nos and 2 spare lenses
tripod 1 nos, abandoned in favour of a shoulder rig
monopod 1 nos
laptop 1 nos
speakers (xmini) 1 set
5 point extension box 1 nos
1 tb hard disks 3 nos
zoom h2 recorder 1 nos
gorilla pod 1 nos
baterries for everything, aprrox 1.5 kg
immersion rod 1 nos, acquired on the journey
lonely planet 1 nos
india map 1 nos
notebooks 2 nos
random books 2 nos
toiletries bag filled to the brim 1 nos
ayurvedic medicine 3 kgs, subject of great debate
clothes 4-5 sets each, later reduced to 2 sets each
shoes 1 pair each, abandoned all together later
rubber chappals 1 set each
jacket 1 each
rain proof ponchos 2nos
umbrella 1 nos
cat 1 nos, friend, pillow, steady bag, ice breaker
dog 1 nos, all of the above
mini pillow 1 nos, for sleeping, padding laptop and hard disks
random weight not counting the ones around the hip, 3 kgs
torches 2 nos, no wait 1 nos, no no we lost them both
idiots 2 nos


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