Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

We were certain that we would have problems finding vegetarian food in Arunachal. Imagine our surprise when we heard about the women of the Idu Mishmi tribe, who are almost completely vegetarian!

Meet Dibuli Miuli and her grand daughter. Dibuli Miuli is an expert weaver and a fiercely independent women. Despite having a large family, she insists on living alone and doing everything by herself. The necklace that she quickly put on before this photo was taken, is one of those precious and ancestral pieces of jewellery. The story goes that a thief once tried to kill her to steal this necklace. She physically beat him up and threw him out of the house. I don’t think anyone ever tried to steal from her again.

The Idu Mishmis worship the Sun Godess Intaya, often with the help of the shamans in the community, who use music, among other things, for prayer and healing. Dibuli Miuli’s late husband was one of the most respected and powerful shamans. She is one of the few left in the community who still remembers all of the music, which she shared with us. To hear the Mishmi music, tune in tomorrow for our Friday Release!

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