Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Our auto driver told us ‘assam bandh hai, hamara ek singer guzar gaya’. The state of Assam had called for a bandh to honour Bhupen Hazarika. Travelling through Assam on the day of the bandh from Jorhat to Majuli Island, we saw streets and lanes filled with photos of Bhupen da. Oil lamps were lit, and small groups would sit around the photo on plastic chairs and chat. Then we would hear a melody rise and fall. Music from the radio and television filled the air. The music too seemed to be mourning. the sounds would travel like people walking in a funeral, close enough to lend comfort but far enough to give breathing space. twisting and turning through the streets we heard what sounded like a collective creation of a retrospective to the singer. it was almost like driving through a lifetime of music. thats when we reached nimatighat and took the ferry to Majuli. The sun setting on the Brahmaputra took a new meaning that day.

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