Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Looking up at the moon last night we couldnt help think of the Spiti Valley, where we were exactly the same time last year. Budh Jayanthi is the biggest festival in the spiti valley. there are five buddhist monasteries spread out over the valley. last year the celebrations happened at kaza which besides being the biggest town in the valley, also houses the newest of the monasteries.

all week long people all over the valley were talking about the festivities. what to wear, who is going to perform, who all they are going to meet after ages. we were really looking forward to it too as there were over 70 performances lined up.

this photo was taken while the monks were getting ready for the inaugural Chaam dance. these young monks had gotten ready before anyone else and were sitting around waiting and generally playing the fool.

sadly there was a death in kaza a few hours before the performances began. and out of respect for the deceased all festivities were cancelled post the dance.

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