Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

half way through shooting with Dibili Miuli (see, Yonli Pulu brought in a sack of kiwis. we had no idea that kiwis even grew in india. here we were trying to film, but the kiwis were just demanding our attention. never go to a shoot without having stuffed yourself first or else you will be distracted by all things yummy.

minutes after this photo was taken (in Roing, Arunachal pradesh) the plate had only hairy peels. its difficult for us to look at this photo and not get the taste of kiwis in our mouth. the only thing that helps at that time is to think of the pineapple instead. no no we are not that greedy. its just that the pineapple is a little too close to the plate and irritates the eye. but who is looking at the pineapple when there is a plate full of kiwis =)

for more on fresh fruit and the Uramili project, please visit

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