Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Quite honestly, this photo could have been taken anywhere in the north east. Meet the bamboo. One of the most beautiful and versatile materials on this planet. It’s kind of like the Meryl Streep of materials.

What you see in this photo is split bamboo. A bamboo pole is unevenly split from top to bottom. Then a single continuous cut is made and the central disks are chopped off. Its then opened out into a sheet and dried in the sun. These bamboo ‘sheets’ are then used for walls, flooring, and as fencing. These are usually woven, like fabric, with either other bamboo sheets or with thin poles of bamboo. The patterns are stunning. From a simple one up one down weave to two up one down, two up two down, and sometimes even asymmetrical patterns. Each ‘sheet’ of bamboo has its own colour and texture and it provides a great deal of visual richness to the structure. The colours vary from shades of green to brown to grey. The bamboo sheets that are used for the floor get polished by people walking on it, and ends up with a smooth shiny surface. The beauty of a floor like this is you don’t really have to sweep it, all the dust falls right through. Most rooms have a central area with concrete, which is where the fire place comes. The smoke from the wood fire forms a protective layer on the bamboo and in doing so also paints wisps of smoke on to it.
Apparently there is a certain time to cut the bamboo, which is based on the lunar cycle. Cutting it at the wrong time can make it prone to pests. With good care these bamboo walls have a life of nearly ten years.

Ah! To have house like this in Chennai and have the breeze coming in from all directions.

For more info on bamboo, just pack your bags and head to the north east. For general time pass please visit

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