Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

One of the most wonderful things about McLeodGanj is the art scene it has going. there are posters everywhere about some concert, dance, exhibition, movie or workshops all over the place. many cafes end up having a music jam session atleast once a week. some of these places have resident musicians who usually work in the restaurant or cafe and kickstart a jam session. these are fun evenings as its like a bring your own instrument party. travellers and sounds from around the world come together organically. some of these sessions are stunning as there is no one dominant style and the music keeps changing as musicians join in and drop out. some of these sessions can just be painful, but its all part of a certain energy that exists here.
this photo was taken during a street dance performance outside the rogpa cafe, to celebrate earth day. we didnt get the womans name, but the male dancer is Ramu hong from south korea. we kept bumping into him during jam sessions and also got to film a little with him doing vocals for a Butoh performance.

for a small clip of this performance check out tomorrows Friday Release. for more info on the Uramili project please visit

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