Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day
One of the sad facts of traveling is the large amounts of garbage you see discarded everywhere you go. Plastic bags and soft drink bottles have become standard fixtures in landscapes everywhere. When we were in Lata in Uttrakhand, Rana ji, a poet/activist who we stayed with, was telling us how the stunning route to Nanda Devi is filled with toilet paper, beer bottles and plastic.
After having returned to Chennai we ourselves have become shocked by the amount of waste we are generating. It’s nearly impossible to buy anything without a ridiculous amount of packaging. Segregating it into plastics, paper and glass gets rid of a majority of it, but still.
This photo was taken in Aizawl. It’s a shop that makes mainly flower pots out of used tyres. They also make smaller tubs and buckets. Creatively turning what would otherwise be junk into useful things.
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