Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day
Meet Chandrakiran Upadhyay, a music teacher at the Tara International School in the village of Raison in Himachal.

Raison is half way between Kullu and Manali, and the white water rafting that begins just after Manali, ends here. This is also where the Catch Mineral water factory is.

Chandrakiran was always musically inclined but didn’t pursue it as a career. He was a national level volley ball player, and sports took up all his free time. Now that he has retired from his Government job, he spends time teaching and learning music. Both his children are musically inclined, but his wife calls herself a listener.

Talking to him normally he comes across as a shy and soft spoken man, but get him in front of a harmonium and out comes an earthy, powerful booming voice. he plays the harmonium, tabla, flute and the harmonica. He has started writing poetry of late and setting it to music. The song by the school kids in our 17 minute film has been written and composed by him for the school.

For a little more on Chandrakiran and his music, please check out tomorrows Friday Release.

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