Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

When we sent out a mail to all our friends and family more than a year ago expressing our desire to travel around the country, one friend of ours got very excited. Rakesh runs a publishing house called Blaft, and for a long time he has been wanting to do a book on hand painted signages. When he heard that we were going to be travelling around the country he asked if we would be interested.

At first it seemed simple enough and interesting in a quirky cool sort of way. A month into our journey and we found ourselves getting fascinated by these signboards. The layout, the fonts the colors the illustrations and above all, the detail.

Yes the people and the architecture are such an integral part of any space. But it was only after taking on this project did we realise the part these signages play in the visual richness of any space. And just as one part of us was coming alive by seeing these, another was slowly dying observing the viral spread of Vinyl and printed flex.

This photo was taken at the mothership of hand painted signages, Jodhpur. It was also the first place we visited. We naturally assumed that this is how it would be around the country. How wrong we were.

Some of our photos can be seen in ‘The Obliterary Journal’ which is now in stores and available for purchase online. It is a super book which has some wicked art. Its like holding in your hand a few dozen trailers of some killer films.

If you are interested in hand painted fonts, please do check out the incredible work hanif kureshi is doing at and do check out the film on the guy who came up with the layout of the legendary Ganne ka Ras and Fruit Juice Board.

For more info on the Uramili project please visit

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