Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day


Left leg right leg left leg right leg left leg leg leg leg leg lego sets building blocks to make more steps mummmyyyyy

Just don’t think about it

Man I really love these chappals, they are just too cool.

Why don’t you take ten steps and then take a break and then take ten more steps.

No no walk for ten seconds and then rest for five seconds. Then you walk again this time for fifteen seconds then break for 7 seconds and then keep increasing.

did I tell you how awesome these chappals are

Stop being a sissy and just walk.

I cant carry these bags anymore

Why cant these people build roads so we can come by a car

I am going to go back to madras and buy 20 more chappals in case they stop manufacturing these.

Oooh see such a lovely leaf, I have never seen such a beautiful leaf in my life

Shut up. Quit stalling, it’s a stupid leaf

You are stupid.

Fine walk by yourself.

You wouldn’t be feeling this way if you had cool chappals like mine.


This photo was taken on the way back from Nongriat in Meghalaya. There were five of us travelling at that time, and we had lost our way getting to Nongriat. We just had to come down these steps but we managed to take a wrong turn. A simple 45 minute journey turned into one almost 6 hours long.

On the way back we decided to stick close to the steps. The monotony of the steps created a difficult rhythm. One that you would like to keep, but its just too damn tiring. Stupid photos showing people smiling like idiots perched on top of hills and mountains not showing the painful expressions while they had to climb.

But as always in retrospect it was awesome.

For a lovely song from the steps, do check out tomorrows Friday release.

For more info on the Uramili project please visit

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