Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Pah!! If looks could kill.

Just to save Raju from the evil eye, this post is about his little sister.

Strolling around Jaisalmer, we came across an artist village. Since it was a day before holi, most people were either too busy or not in town. So we decided to come back in a few days time. As we were heading out this little one calls out and starts to chat us up. Soon she is joined by her elder sister who offers us tea. Some of the best things in life have come up over chai, so obviously we didn’t refuse.

As we go in, they start pulling out puppets. We had just walked into a puppet maker’s house. And as we were gawking at the puppets this little one was hopping around pretty much like a puppet herself. Soon the entire family and the neighbours joined us and before we knew it a ‘baithak’ of sorts had begun. Raju sung a handful of songs accompanied by his cousin on the dholak while his dad chipped away at a wooden block making more puppets.

All this time this little girl just kept screaming hello!! Hello!!! HELLO!!!! Then she would come and sit right next to the person who was talking and just stare at them. She is the one who brought these two creatures home and now they are busy talking and playing with everyone else. To prove her point she went and brought more people her own height and had long conferences with them.

She never said goodbye when we left.

Thanks little one, for bringing us home and introducing us to your family. And apologies for not chatting with you or asking you your name.

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