Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Well here is another child. Meet Aarush. Aarush lives with his parents Amy and Harold at a Tea Garden in Bokajan, Assam.

Aarush is used to being treated as an adult. For nearly a week that we were there, we didn’t hear his parents say ‘NO’ even once. Everything was explained to him as to why one should not bang doors, or keep opening the fridge, or pull a dogs tail. When nothing worked, there was bribery. Aarush baba, you want Dingla?

Now its common to see kids being obsessed with material things, toys, ice creams, chocolates. But Aarush loves pumpkin, or Dingla as its called in Assamese.

Everytime Aarush is a good boy, he gets to go to the market with his mom and pick out a pumpkin. Seasoned jewellers can learn a thing or two from Aarush. He walks like an expert through the market until he finds some interesting pumpkins. He then picks it up and weighs it. is it easy to carry? Does it fit well into my arms, how big is the stalk? (these are all our assumptions, he may actually be involved with some serious mathematical calculations, some of which may require deciphering a tangible value for pi, hmmm, make that pumpkin pi)

Once he is convinced that he has found the right one he nods to him mom and walks away caressing the object of his affections. when he is particularly happy, he dances with the pumpkin singing, ‘dingla dingla… eh…. Dingla dingla’.

Sigh!! We didn’t film this.

Here is another fact. We almost named our film dingla dingla. We wanted the journey to give us a title, and the beauty and absurdity of dingla dingla was too hard to resist. If u-ra-mi-li wasnt suggested to us as a title we would be saying for more info please visit

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