Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Now that there have been comments on the writing there seems to be a lot of pressure. In order to break that, todays photo has no long write up =)

This photo was taken at Neamati ghat from where we caught a ferry to Kamalabari in Majuli.

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p.s this board may also help answer that question which has plagued philosophers for centuries.

Oh what the hell, maybe just one small story. The cops you see at the background, are actually sitting there along with a famous Assamese tv actor who was also waiting for the ferry to get to majuli. This was a day before the annual Ras leela festival. He was going there to play one of the roles in the Ras. there are around a dozen performances that happen simultaneously, the one at Kamalabari is the most popular as it has a lot of tv and film actors.
Although Kamalabari was closer to where we were staying, we went to the one at Samaguri instead as they are known for making masks for performance.

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