Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day
this spider is hanging out on the periphery of the Iewduh market in Shillong. in our first few weeks in the north east we were obsessed with the markets in the bigger cities, actually the obsession was a friend’s – tarun – and we were happy to play along. The Iewduh also called the Bara Bazaar is worth being obsessed over, and one of the most fun markets. It is a fantastic maze where you can buy every conceivable thing – vegetables, meat, fruits, tobacco, betel nuts, bakery goods, bamboo baskets, knives, clothes, spices (including the most spicy chillies in the world), and apparently live frogs too, although we didn’t see any.

And in the midst of this we were five people behaving like complete idiots, getting in everyones way, and oohing and ahhing over every display. And of course taking photographs.

On the face of it, the market should have been a delight to photograph. The visual possibilities were endless, a narrow corridor in the fish market lit with single yellow bulb, men carrying complete, freshly skinned carcasses of cows and giant – really giant – pigs on their backs, and racing up the steep steps to the next level of the market, colours and textures everywhere…

Yet taking photographs at this market was in turns, comic, painful, ridiculous, overwhelming, and finally just so mindbogglingly impossible that we eventually gave up. This is one of the few photographs that we do have

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