Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day:
Reuben Mashangva sings his own genre of music, Naga Folk Blues. Originally from the Ukhrul district in Manipur, Reuben started out singing thangkul folk but found himself getting inspired by Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. These influences are evident in his work.

Reuben is one of the most skilled musicians we met on our travels. But what really impressed us is the rigor in his work and the fact that he gives due credit to the people he draws his music from. While filming with him he insisted that we meet some of the ‘Old Guys’ – the older generation of folk musicians. Many of them are the last ones in their communities who can play a particular instrument, or remember the lyrics to a certain song. Reuben spends most of his free time with these old folk, learning and researching.

This photo was taken in Yangonpokpi in Manipur, and has Reuben and one of his teachers Shampang pondering over some mathematical issues concerning the construction of the fiddle they are holding. Shampang and his wife sang one of the most haunting harmonies we have ever heard (which you can hear in one of our trailers
Reuben is also one of the better known musicians that we filmed with. He performs all over the country at festivals and was recently featured on the show Dewarists. He usually performs with his 12 year old son. To hear their music, tune into our friday release tomorrow!

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