Photo of the Day

Photo of the day: Jodhpur was the very first place we went to after three weeks of planning and plotting in Delhi.

On the very first day there, We walked around the old city, which is a maze of narrow winding lanes and we quickly learned something which stayed true for the entire journey.

What’s “just ten minutes away” for a local, often takes us two or three hours, what with getting lost, taking photos, and being easily distracted. Of course it has nothing to do with our fitness levels 🙂

On that first long walk, in the middle of March, we were getting quickly exhausted. It wasn’t the greatest time to be in Rajasthan. We had completely underestimated the desert heat and the sharpness of the sun. We’ve both lived in Delhi and in Madras, so we thought we could handle it. But we’d walked out with too little water and no sunscreen, and the only thing that was keeping us going was the high excitement of it being the FIRST DAY in a new place.

That’s when we met the wonderfully warm and twinkly eyed paati of the Ojha family. She stopped us on our way up to Meherangarh fort and asked us if we wanted water. Before we knew it we were inside her house, being treated to a spectacular view from her terrace, the fort on one side and the blue city on the other. And soon enough, all of her grandchildren arrived and insisted on showing us around the neighbourhood, taking us to the local pond, telling us stories, asking us a million questions about ourselves. And that’s the second thing that happened on the very first day that’s been consistent on our journey. People who’ve just spotted us, taken us in, spent time with us, helped us, and then sent us on our way with a lot of love.

We can’t wait to get back on the road!!

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