Photo of the Day

Photo of the day: Continuing on the theme of blue houses…

Every day on our journey, we would get up in the morning, though not too early, eat, and then wander around to try and find something of interest – a place, a person, a story, a song, and stay with it for the day, then get back in the evening and write about it for our blog, and organise our footage and photographs. On many days nothing particularly remarkable would happen, and then there would be a day or two of great excitement when we’d be filming non stop. Either way, we’d walk around a lot during the day, and then come back and have an hour or two of computer work, so for two otherwise sedentary city creatures, it was pretty tiring. Believe it or not, after a couple of weeks in Himachal, we were dying for a “break” from our travels.

Feeling a little guilty about this break, we went, on a friend’s recommendation, to stay at Joy Paul’s guest house in Vashisht. Joy is an artist from Kerala who has settled in Vashisht and runs a brilliant blue, very cosy, and wonderfully inexpensive, place. We stayed in the top floor, which should have had a spectacular view of the valley, but didn’t thanks to an annoying boxy construction right in front. But it didnt matter to us. The highlight of our stay there was the screening room, with a superb collection of DVDs, a large TV, and plenty of cushions and blankets on the floor.

Two days of sleep and movies and excellent food was getting dangerously addictive, but we did resurface and begin exploring the area. Vashisht is a single street village – one long road with cafes shops and houses on either side and a few more houses tucked away up and down the hillside, with a definite hippie leaning – and a hot spring to complete the package. Some of the old houses here are really stunning, brightly coloured with slate roofs and a wood-stone mix construction (the style of architecture is apparently called khaatkuni).

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