Photo of the Day

Photo of the day: the taller boy was worried he wont fit into the photo, upon reassurance he straightened out =) this photo was taken in Khinchan. a small village between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. the village has a predominantly Jain community that feed and look after almost 15000 migratory Siberian cranes during winter months. They call them khurja. Khinchan also had streets and streets of these stunning old abandoned havelis that are opened maybe only once a year. many of the owners of these havelis are said to be doing business in Sowcarpet in Madras.

for a walk through Khinchan’s havelis, check out tomorrow’s friday release.

Uramili is an entirely crowd funded project and film. In the first phase of our fund-raising we raised over two lakhs through individual donations ranging from 100rs to 20000rs. We are now in the process of trying to raise 13 lakhs by September. Your contribution will help us continue filming and sharing stories from across the country. For more information, see and to make an online contribution, go to

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