Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Since we just shared an album of doors and windows, we thought lets share this photo. All doors have stories of their own, we will
tell you a small story of this one.

This door lives a few hundred feet above the village of Tabo in the Spiti valley, overlooking one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in India. The door itself is relatively young. It’s been put there rather recently to guard one of the many caves, like the one you can see to the left of the door.

The monks from the monastery used to climb up to these caves and meditate. for nearly a thousand years monks have taken shelter in these caves while they think or not think of other things.
This particular cave is supposed to be a slightly bigger one possibly for monks who wish to spend time in longer stretches. As recently as ten years ago, a monk who knew his time had come, came here to take Samadhi.

Some of these caves also have paintings nearly a thousand years old. But more on that when we get to the Tabo monastery.

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