Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Meet Ramu. Ramu is from Nepal and comes from a family of flute makers. During the summer months he runs a small roadside shop in Mcleod Ganj. As winter sets in he packs up all his belongings and moves to Rajasthan for the Pushkar Fair and then follows the tourist season and moves on out to Goa.

The first thing that strikes you about Ramu is his loud laughter which takes the focus away from his smooth talk, and even the toupee. Ramu also conducts flute lessons for travellers and teaches them the basics of how to hold the flute. Possibly due to the number of foreigners, he teaches do re me fa. He follows this up with a tune that you can play. Most people want to learn an Indian song, so in Ramu’s case its ‘pardesi pardesi jana nahi’. He then goes on to explain the meaning, saying foreigner foreigner, don’t go.

He keeps a variety of flutes, from the small ones to large Hindustani ones that are almost impossible to wrap your fingers around. Recently he has started keeping thick fat Japanese flutes. Hearing him play it and watching his flair while doing so momentarily makes you forget that you are indeed standing in the middle of the road and some car is honking behind you while trying to climb uphill. While he waits for potential customers, Ramu etches out designs in the flutes with a needle.

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