Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

The share taxi system is a lifesaver. Its just about 20 % more than a bus but this way you get a lot more freedom as to when you leave. But more importantly with each vehicle taking ten people, plus a driver plus luggage, there is no concept of personal space. basically its difficult not to start off conversations.

What is interesting is that all these share taxis are known by the model of the vehicle. But here is where it gets interesting, its known by the model that came first.

The name is Sumo… Tata Sumo. Rest assured by the end of the journey you will be feeling like the Vodka Martini. In true Bond style, the Tata Sumo is also highly promiscuous. With no regard for local or foreign, black or white or even green with motion sickness, the sumo embraces everyone. It also multiplies at an alarming rate. Surely someone somewhere has gotten good grant money to come up with hard core statistical data, with a perfectly acceptable 127% error margin, proving without doubt that our hills are indeed being inundated by mechanical Japanese wrestlers. The sumo has made such a name for itself that other tata’s and even mahindras are referred to as sumo.

The Uramili project is proud to share with you this Rare photo. You can see for yourselves what you have only read about in gossip magazines and heard about in hushed whispers. Lo and behold, the loud mouthed warriors after party. We risked our lives and overcame great danger to bring to you this picture. Look how they shamelessly lie there post their mechanical orgy. they are so high on diesel that they have turned yellow. Oh the horror. You can see a Mahindra hiding his logo, pretending to be a sumo. But the patterns on his door give him away. Silly drunk fool. Wait till the others wake up, he will be tied to cylinders and heavy sacks and chased out of there. they will honk and shout and chase him uphill. Cha…

We at the Uramili project are determined to bring to you the most interesting and hard to get stories. If we don’t find them then we will make them up. We have just gotten a call that certain sumos with concealed license plates have just been deployed to pick us up. To help us with our ransom money please go to

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