Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

This photo was taken in Ananda café in Mcleod ganj. The photo above is the view from the café, and the one below is an artist’s/travellers impression of the view, painted in the café.

This is something quite common in the typically touristy/backpackery places. Many hotels and cafes along with the food serve the guests some stories. Some open out their walls and allow anybody to paint on them, some put glass sheets on the tables so people can slide in drawings and poems and love letters. Some have stacks and stacks of second hand books where you can leave a book you have already read and pick up a new one. Some have musical instruments lined up, mostly donated. You can go to a space that’s very local or beautifully done up, but its these ‘communal’ spaces where you get a sense of something so much larger that really stays with you. It’s like a sampler or platter equivalent of art. Varying styles, different moods, trained, un-trained, heartfelt, comical the list goes on.

What is interesting is that we also have another form of community art, Toilet art. Most public toilets are filled with scribbling’s, shero shayari, phone numbers and explicit drawings. Most of the content here falls under the comic or the obscene. Keys turn into chisels, ball point pens (no pun intended) turn into size 0 brushes, marker pens glide proving that for some reason people walk around with marker pens in their pockets. There must be some deep reasons as to why people write or draw a certain way in toilets, for now our guess is as good as anybody else’s.

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